Online Baptism Prep

Equipping Parents and Godparents for the Task of Raising Strong Catholic Children™

We offer an engaging, interactive way for parents and Godparents to prepare together for their infant's baptism and the life-long responsibility of passing on their Catholic faith.

Our program is Catholic, simple, and effective. You will receive a firm foundation, from a reliable source, to begin (or continue) to grow your family in faith and love. This course grants a one-of-a-kind opportunity for parents and godparents to come together in their faith, so they can better help the child they love grow in holiness. After all, what could be more important or glorious than the goal of Heaven for our children?

Of course, we know it can be difficult for parents, between work, other children, and prior commitments, to find a way to schedule time for even the most important in person classes.

When you factor Godparents and their conflicting schedules into the mix, it can feel more than a little overwhelming, if not downright impossible. We know the struggle, we've been there.

That's why we've built our course to be a convenient, low cost way for parents and godparents to come together in a way that works for each individual, online, free of the need to travel, squabble, or book babysitters.

Preparing for baptism should be a joy, not a chore, so that the most important people in the new infant's life can pass on the beauty and mystery of the Faith, rather than feeling burned out before they even start.

We are available 24/7 online, worldwide, and our course is compatible on all devices. We're here for you.

*Note: Instructors will not work on Weekends, holidays, and Holy Days of Obligation (January 1st, August 15th, November 1st, December 8th and December 25th).